2011 Music in Art (Milliken Gallery, Stockholm)

Music in Art, curator Theo Ringborg, Milliken Gallery, Stockholm 2011

Music in Art

Group show


Johanna Billing, Nathalie Djurberg, Hans Berg, Elisabeth Frieberg, Andreas Nilsson & Hans Appelqvist, Matti Kallioinen, Peter Geschwind, Fredrik Söderberg and Christine Ödlund.

Curated by Theo Ringborg

The upcoming exhibition at Milliken Gallery looks at the influence of music on contemporary art, focusing on the vital Swedish scene in

which music and art frequently blend. The exhibition presents works by some of the most prominent Swedish artists in which music plays

a central role, featuring a wide range of musical styles and artistic practices, making up an eclectic and unusual exhibition accompanied

by a miniature music festival with regular events by some of the participating artists.

Milliken Gallery 2011

Untitled (How many meters are there until heaven? No 4)

320x186 cm oil on canvas 2011

Detail. Untitled (How many meters are there until heaven? No 4)